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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, february 5. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking an arctic front that's bringing snow showers to parts of the region and will bring a blast of frigid air. developing this morning a minivan burst into flames and philadelphia police is calling it suspicious. >> health insures giant says hackers stole the personal data of tens of millions of customers. >> let's find out about the
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weather and traffic with dave and karen good morning,. >> reporter: good morning, guys we have snow showers pushing down from lehigh valley and into bucks and berks county. it's not a lot but enough to put down a coating on roads, if you get caught in one of these deals, slow it down. we'll see if it makes to it philadelphia. they may fall apart before they make it to i-95. even if one sneaks farther south there's light accumulation and slippery conditions developing on roads so slow it down. 37 in wilmington, 38 in trenton. 29 in allentown as colder air rushes in from the northwest. the reason for that, the change in windy direction out in allen up to we're picking up a northwest flow. that will turn across the entire region as we go through the day. they will send the temperatures down.
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there is a chance of snow shower after 10:00 a.m., that chance diminishes. 30 by noon, 26 by 3:00 p.m. 22 by 6:00 p.m. at the same time the winds will pick up. guys, as we go into the dinner hour, the temperatures will be in the single digits, so colder and windier as the day goes on. karen what are you seeing? >> reporter: i'm seeing flurries in chalfonte bucks county, upper state road at bristol road. you want to wash it could get slick in spots for now we're seeing traffic move okay. berks county overview, 222 176. we're seeing snow and sleet at times. a water main break in pottstown giving you icy conditions at spruce and master street stick to north charlotte to get around that. we have an accident in cheltenham church road at
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hawthorne road. a downed tree and wires in lower merion. williamson road is closed stick to old gulph road. traffic in new jersey, 42 moving okay, a little bit of building volume, roads are dry right here matt. >> thanks, karen. a minivan erupted in flames in the city's frankford neighborhood and investigators are calling it suspicious you'll see why. this is video showing the charred wreckage. the fire started at penn street at 2:30 a.m. investigators found a gasoline tank nearby, nobody was hurt. >> police say a teen from west philadelphia lost his life when the tables during a robbery turned on him. tyler williams was shot and killed while trying to rob a 67-year-old man in up upper darby. the the man was out for a walk at cobbs creek park near church
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lane when the man ran up to the man and pulled out a gun. the man pulled out his own gun and struck the driver in -- the suspect in the head killing him. >> you had to do what you had to do. i don't see any criminal charges forthcoming. >> reporter: the 67-year-old man was treated at the hospital with chest pains. a judge threw the book at a police officer who the judge should never have been a cop. he was sentenced to 17 years. prosecutors say the pair schemed to rob drug dealers and did it while in uniform. garcia admitted to selling heroin. the pilot of airways asia flight said may day may day engine flameout before crashing.
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the plane clipped a highway bridge before plunging into the river. abc flight analyst believes he was trying to avoid striking buildings in taipei. # 1 people were killed and -- 31 people were killed and 15 injured. the search continues for 12 people who are still missing. >> there's word of another hack attack. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam insurance company anthem has been hit by a massive data breach. the stolen data includes names birthday and social security numbers. anthem is trying to determine how many customers were affected. the data base contains information on 80 million people. rite aid has opened clinics of 14 of the stores in the
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philadelphia area. they are staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants. stocks flipped on wednesday as oil prices fell and dragged energy shares lower futures point to a lower open. hollywood is gearing up for the release of 50 shades of gray. universal is hoping to pull in everyone from couples on dates and analyst also predict the film could rake in $60 million next weekend. hoping to cash in, companies making all the merchandise, you can target 50 shades of gray of stuff. >> how about a first date, you want to go see 50 shades of grai with me -- gray with me?
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you don't know me or anything. >> reporter: 5 shades of gray north and west of philadelphia, this is not the kind of stuff we like. we have snow showers snow shower activity pushing through allentown and quakertown and pottstown beginning to pick up some of this. norristown seeing this, as well. in chalfonte bucks county we had flurries on our traffic cameras. this is not lasting only 2 or 3 hours over any given spot. it might break apart as it gets closer to philadelphia. as it comes down it's coming down fast enough to produce slippery spots on roads. hopefully it will die down a little bit and become flurries by the time it's philadelphia. as we take a look currently outside, sky6 live hd cloudy skies over atlantic city. you can see the camera bouncing as winds pick up just a tad.
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38 degrees in philadelphia. the winds north/northwest at 7. if the winds make it down, it expect the temperatures to drop a little bit. if we get snow showers there could slick spots on roads and sidewalks. mainly we're seeing clouds on the model after 10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. most of the clouds are off the coast and we transition to a clouds and sun mix. during the morning rush hour will be the best chance of snow showers after that we get a clouds and sun mix today. then we start looking at other about two issues. upper 30s for the high now. as we go later into the morning we'll see the numbers fall to about 31 by 11:00 a.m. and 28 by 2:00 p.m. and 24 by 5:00 p.m. at the same time the winds are going to pick up and that's going to make things more uncomfortable as we go through the day. noon we expect to have windchills in the teens.
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allentown could be down to 10 and then we get into the evening hours as soon as 6:00 p.m. just about everybody hag windchills in the single tickets. the winds picking up and temperatures dropping as we go later and later into the day. the next chance of precipitation is sunday. cold air to the north an warm air to the south. frontal boundary sitting newer the region. that means we'll be in for a light, wintry mix set up with snow to the north an rain to the south and philadelphia in between. personally during the day philly will see a fair amount of rain out of this. cold today temperatures crashing into the 20s. snow showers will be around the morning rush hour and a little bit beyond. friday, cold # 3 degrees. saturday we get a break 44 degrees. sunday we have a light rain mix snow event more rain to the
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south more snow to the north high of 40. monday there's a chance of a low pressure center developing near the coast and we wind up with more rain or snow. that's the day to keep your eyes on. there could be lingering flurries by tuesday. >> tuesday. >> reporter: si. >> all new this morning lehigh university has suspended three lacrosse players after their involvement in an off campus fight that started with snowballs and end with a brawl. >> jury selection starts today not trial for the man charged with killing the man known as american sniper. >> reporter: traffic is moving nicely here at markley street. we'll see areas where snow is flying when "action news" comes right back.
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>> 6:13, mobile of has reached main street in doylestown, maybe main street or court street seeing flurry activities reaching doylestown. >> let's go over to karen rogers, they say looking for flurries. >> reporter: this is the montgomery county, bucks county border, doylestown road and county line road. the best place to see them falling is under the traffic lights, under the streetlights we see the snowfall picking up,
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some flurries flierg around. flying around. it's not causing too much of a problem. it could create slick conditions. we're seeing the speeds move nicely mostly throughout the area. i-95 49 miles per hour. we have a downed tree in lower merion watch for it on williamson road it's closed. stick to old gulph road and down tree and downed wires causing a problem. we have an accident cheltenham, church road and hawthorne road. water main break in pottstown icy conditions at spruce and master. stick to north charlotte to avoid any problem there. storm tracker 6 live hd double scan along the i-95 corridor we're dry but we're watching the snow showers as they slowly progress east/southeast. let's take a closer look.
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you're getting in lancaster. on the 30 bypass, coatsville, 422 near pottstown traveling up near route 100 pottstown and allentown you're dealing with the snowfall right there. in quakertown it's starting along 309 you're getting the snowfall. here we can see how the light snow has hit the doylestown area and malvern where we're starting to see the flurries fly. >> shooting outside a high school in maryland left two students injured. it happened at 8:00 p.m. at frederick high school. the student happened near the gym where a basketball game was underway. no word on any arrests. both teens will survive. france is trying to determine if the woman seen in this recently released isis video is hayat boumeddiene. investigators say she has knowledge of the deadly attack on the grocery store last month.
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an isis fighter praises the paris attack in the videos. three key players in lehigh valley university in the lacrosse program are off the teen and out of the school. they were involved in a snowball fight in bethlehem. one of the snowballs hit a passing car. the driver stopped and got out and the argument broke out. the driver was punched several times. the driver was not charged. the three players are being charged with disorderly conduct harassment and public drunkenness. the recent surge of frigid air took the life of an elderly woman in berks county. she died of hypothermia because of her long exposure of the cold. she slipped on the ice and fell down a small embankment. her death was ruled an accident.
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>> here's tech bytes. >> reporter: hello, everybody in tech bytes twitter and google have struck a deal to make tweets more sociable. google will have more access to tweets that's expected to drive more traffic to twitter. >> apple was the to take on spotify with it's own streaming music service. >> >> reporter: and a new survey from find single people who use the smiley faces have more sex than those who don't use them. the little faces like the wink, the smile and the kiss can make your message more flirtatious so you don't have to talk dirty to get your point across. >> those are tech bytes.
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>> still ahead video of a a small dog that had patrol officers in texas shut down a highway. >> reporter: we're dressing the kids fairly warmly with temperatures in the 30s. there might be a snow shower around, so be careful that. this afternoon we're adding a scarf, make sure they have all the extra gear temperatures are picking up, it's going to be uncomfortable later. i'll get you to the airport and show you the day planner forecast next. before. discover brookside. you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®.
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>> police in fort worth, texas went to great lengths to rescue a dog in the middle of highway. this is newly released dash cam video two officers were driving on i-30 noticed the dog wanders around they stopped and set up a temporary road block and got the dog into their cruiser. the dog is available for adoption at the humane society. >> reporter: hope rl -- hopefully he finds a new home.
6:21 am
looking live at the platt bridge. looks like the traffic is coming right at you. we're dry on the mid span. platt bridge. no problems on as platt bridge. no speed restrictions on the ben franklin bridge, either. mass transit looking good, everything is on time as you're about to head out the door. we're watching the snow showers coming in from the northwest. >> reporter: we are, karen storm tracker 6 live double scan shows them to you they are marching in from the north and west getting into northern bucks and montgomery and northern chester county. you can see it doesn't cover a wide area. over a couple of hours it gets past you there's a question how much will make it down to philadelphia and what kind of impact it will have. the general idea if you're out driving and encounter this, slow it down, just in case a coating forms on the road and gets slippery. 29 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 30 by noon. the snow is over fairly early this morning. the story this afternoon becomes
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one of building winds and crashing temperatures. you can see how we're down to 22 by 6:00 p.m. by then the winds are strong enough to give us single digit windchills. at the airport, all green aircraft indicating no major delays looks like the rain as expected cleared orlando. >> in "healthcheck" tonight at 11:00 p.m. we have a special report about helping kids get enough sleep. more than half of school age kids are not getting enough shut eye. here's a preview. >> reporter: researchers are going indepth with local families tracking sleeping habits and what works in helping them get enough sleep. one family has noticed a different. >> it turned his body into his own personal alarm clock. >> reporter: i'll show you the tragedies that work and how your child can join the study tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. >> the flyers host the
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islanders tonight the flyers had four days off trying to remain sharp while riding a four-game winning streak. >> reporter: 16 students were surrounded by friends and family as they want e as they -- they participated in a signing event. >> a house fire rages in delaware county.
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breaking right now a police officer and one other person were shot this morning in bourn massachusetts this is near the beginning of the cape. the officer was responding to a call at a home there. police say someone planted fake bombs around the home. we do not know the condition of the officer who was shot at this hour. one person was taken into custody at the scene. nearby residents were asked to shelter in place. >> journalist is back home in australia after spending 400 days behind bars in egypt. he and two other journalists were arrested. egyptian authorities accused them of parading a platform for the muslim brotherhood. human rights act accused
6:27 am
the arrest as sham. >> you can imagine after 400 days in prison we were very close. it was difficult to leave them behind. >> he said he believes the two other journalists will be released soon. happening today jury selection is set to start in the trial of a former marine accused of killing american sniper chris kyle. eddie ruth is accused of gunning down the former navy seal and another man. kyle went to the range with ruth to help him copy with post distress disorder. ruth's attorney said his client will plead not guilty by reason of insanity. >> 6:27 a maryland dispatcher is in hot water we'll tell you what he said to a distraught teenager after she watched her father get hit by a car.
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>> accuweather takes a deep dive in temperatures and possible snow flurry. >> we have more on what the pilot on the domed trans asia flight may have done to save lives. >> the powerball has reached its highest point in more than a year. >> good morning everybody it's thursday and we have david and karen as we always do, most of the time, here they are. >> reporter: the winds is picking up on the terrace. the big story is the snow shower activity in the northern and western suburbs. it's not a big snow shower, but there's a line of these that comes down rather slowly. if you get stuck under this it could be a couple of hours in some cases. we're seeing snow build into northern chester the -- county
6:31 am
and montgomery county and bucks county. if you get caught under these it could create a coating on the roads. we're not sure if it is as intense in philadelphia. use caution if you get caught in the light snow showers. they are mainly north but they could move south and closer to philadelphia and light accumulation is possible. use your head if you get caught in the snow. 38 degrees in philadelphia. i expect the temperature to drop quickly. in fact to allentown we've plunged to 28. 37 in millville. the winds are starting to shift out of the northwest and the northern suburbs which is why the temperatures are dropping. the same shift is going to happen across the rest of the region as we go through the morning and afternoon. we're almost there kids, it's thursday. the storm tracker 6 live app on your smart phone saying 38 degrees noon, 30. the snow is done this morning. look what happens in the temperatures, we see them tumble
6:32 am
at the at the same time the winds pick up. 6:00 p.m., 22 degrees, windchills in the single digits, it's going to get colder and colder as the day goes on. >> reporter: david we're scanning our cameras for snow flurries looking live in chalfonte, bucks county. we've snow flurries coming down, they are starting to get damp on the roads watch for a slick spot or two as you travel in the area. also in the lehigh valley for sure, this is where you'll see the best chance for slick areas. you want to slow it down as you travel onism-78. 309. pottstown, we have a water main break master street. stick to north charlotte. an accident on the chester pike at again olden avenue. we have an accident -- glenolden avenue. we have an accident at church and hawthorne road in shelton
6:33 am
ham. the roads are dry southbound traffic heavy from past academy to cottman and again from the betsy ross bridge to girard. starting to slow down on i-95. still dry in the i-95 corridor. tam. >> thank you karen. this is breaking right now new images of a raging fire. a viewer sent in these image also of a fire that started at 12:0 a.m. on ingle street. firefighters had it out a half-hour later and nobody was hurt. >> delaware county man can face additional charges in connection with the death of a toddler. he is charge with reckless endangerment. his girlfriend's two-year-old son was rushed from his home to the hospital. the child was pronounced dead. the charges may be upgraded
6:34 am
pending an autopsy this morning. a child whose child shot a young neighbor to death in ocean county, new jersey will be sentenced today. he was charged with keeping a loaded 22 caliber rifle unsecured in his bedroom. his son 4 years old found the rifle back in april 2013, ended up shooting his friend 6-year-old brandon hot fatal -- holt fatally once in the head. a man is filing a lawsuit against tsa agent and the city of philadelphia. he was on his way to run a marathon in miami. the lawsuit claims the tsa agent called police and had him
6:35 am
arrested. he spent 23 hours behind bars not knowing why he was arrested and he couldn't call his wife. >> i hasn't had the opportunity to use e-mail and nobody knew where i was. >> a judge acquitted him on the spot. both the city and tsa say they cannot comment as long as matter is in litigation. >> 6:35 an abc aviation analyst believe the pilot steered the doom flight away from skyscrapers in taipei. several dash cams captured the horrific scene. the plane veered out of control violently smash into a bridge and crashed into a river. >> at this point they are trying to clear the object -- obstacles and clear the building and the leads to disaster.
6:36 am
31 people were killed and another 12 are still missing. this is the second deadly crash for trans asia in less than a year. >> it was a grim scene along the metro commuter line in west chester county, new york. investigators are trying to determine why the vehicle was stuck on the tracks between crossing gates. the train plowed into the suv killing the driver and five people on the train. the driver was a mother of three children. the train was going under the speed limit. >> the giant powerball jacket pot is word $316 million. 24 36, 51, 52, 56. the powerball was 22. we did learn overnight one person in pennsylvania matched the first five numbers and the power play, that's worth a cool 2 million bucks. you can watch saturday's drawing
6:37 am
live on "action news" at 11. >> it's starting to snow. >> reporter: yes it is, a line of snow showers pushing through the northern and western suburbs is getting closer to philadelphia. i'm becoming more sold this will make it to philadelphia and we'll over the next couple of hours see flurries and light snow coverage in philadelphia. this is not putting down all that much, but even a little is enough to make it slippery on roads. if you get caught in the snow, in northern bucks and chester county and allentown in any event when you're driving around in the snow be careful. we have cloudy skies and the cameras are starting to bounce around on most of our sky 6 shots, because the winds are picking up a little bit. soon they will be turning out of the northwest. 38 degrees in philadelphia. although i expect all the numbers close to the city and i-95 to start to drop much the
6:38 am
way we have started to see in the northern and western suburbs as we start to draw the colder air down from the north and west. that will be the story with the dropping temperatures. the latest new run on future tracker is starting to grasp the snow showers to the northwest a little bit better and now does want to put them through the i-95 corridor. the models are back and forth on this, none ever them are agreeing on this. by #-- 8:00 a.m. 7:30, there's the chance that the line of snow moves through the city and gets closer to the shore and falls apart by 10:00 a.m. when they were popping through slow it down. not a lot of accumulation. clouds and sun temperatures dropping in allentown. allentown is down in the upper 20s, you'll be in the low 20s later in the day. we dropped in the 30s in the last couple of hours. at the shore, clouds and sun windy and colder, we'll drop in the 20s later this afternoon.
6:39 am
in philadelphia, a morning snow shower, 36 was a temperature where we were a couple of hours ago. 38 now. you'll see the numbers drop in the 20s windy and colder conditions building as the day goes on. northwest gusts 35 miles per hour. if the temperature drop in the 20s, mid 20s by 5:00, the wind pick up we'll be looking at big changes in how the winds feel. 6:00 p.m., gusting to 30 and the windchills getting into the teens by lunchtime and all the way down bam to the single digits by lunchtime. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures falling in the 20s. brisk and cold tomorrow, 33. the back to 44 on saturday. the next issue is sunday as a frontal boundary it's sets up over the area. rain to the south light stuff through the day on sunday, light snow up north mixing in between close to philadelphia. monday there's a chance we get a
6:40 am
steadier round of rain or snow depending on how temperatures shape up. sunday and monday two days to watch. >> we will. 6:40 yet another brand new story coming up. it's called the wall street wrinkle not a dance craze it's a plastic surgery operation and it does not involve people you would suspect. >> two men sneaking into the super bowl could it have been the luck of the irish? karen. >> reporter: it's dry on 422 past oaks, things are jammed past oaks to 23. we'll take you to bucks county and see if we see the snow falling there we're going to bucks county and i've been told about a new accident. we'll have the details when i come right back.
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share the love with dunkin's heart-shaped donuts. indulge in cookie dough or brownie batter today. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back, you can see the dawn starting there over penns landing as we look toward the ben franklin bridge. 6:43 36 degrees, david murphy says the temperatures will fall throughout the day. >> what you got there in the traffic, karen. >> reporter: we're looking at the snowfall in upper state road and bristol road chalfonte. we're seeing the snow falling you need to be careful david has been talking to people on twitter, in 15 minutes the roads could get covered because it's coming down steadily in spots. there it is in bucks county. how about berks county you need to be careful as you you're traveling in and around the
6:44 am
area. we're getting reports of icy conditions with roads snow covered. they have an accident east point drive at philadelphia avenue. with the snow coming down and making it more slippery, with the people getting up and out to work i wouldn't be surprised to see the accidents spread. leads port road is causing problems with slippery conditions. we're looking at the big picture, i-95 speeds at 15 miles per hour 15 miles per hour the schuylkill expressway westbound at the boulevard. the down tree closing a problem at william son road. of course if you're traveling to the north and west, police in lehigh county telling me it's slick there, as well. glenolden, watch for that one chester pike at glenolden avenue. a new accident coming in there. i want to take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we can see a band of snowfall it's
6:45 am
moving to the east/southeast. right now we're dry on the i-95 corridor, but it's getting closer here, we're seeing it on the 30 bypass. you're getting snow in coatsville. malvern, route 422 near pottstown along route 100 northeast extension between norristown and quakertown as you travel further to the north, you've got the snowfall on 309 near doylestown, as well. the snowfall is coming our way matt. >> new on "action news," a maryland 911 dispatcher had a pour choice of words and has been pulled off the phones. >> so two people were struck. >> reporter: yeah. >> let's stop whining it's hard to understand you. >> that girl called 911 for help after watching her father and fiance being struck in a hit-and-run. >> the daughter dialed 911 and spoke quickly making it
6:46 am
difficult for 911 operator to understand. he handled the call improperly but his performance does not delay the rescuers from getting to the victim. >> a 9-year-old girl scout from indiana was shot while selling girl scout cookies. two men rolled down their window and one opened fire. one hit the child in the leg. the little girl is on bed rest, but expected to make a full recovery. police are looking for the gunman. >> testimony continues in the aaron hernandez murder trial in mmp massachusetts. the judge overseeing the trial warned the victim's mother to not cry on the stand. oden lloyd's mom managed to maintain her composure while testifying yesterday. lloyd was found near the home of the former new england patriot
6:47 am
in 2013. >> the nfl is not pleased with the two football fans from ireland who managed to sneak into the super bowl. they followed a group of first aid workers into the university of phoenix stadium. once inside they made friends with two people who were leaving at half-time. those people had corporate seats valued at $25,000. despite all the security, they were able to sit in those seats and watch the game without being discovered. >> and this story is about the boys. more men in new york city is turning to botox. it's not to get rid of wrinkles completely. more men are coming in for a refresh. the idea is to soften wrinkles not eliminate them completely. the injections are less painful. >> they have the early morning eye bags.
6:48 am
6:47. jury selection starts today in the jury of the man charged with killing the american sniper. david. >> reporter: we have temperatures in the 30s and they are dropping as we go through the morning and this afternoon they are in the 20s with windchills in the single digits by dinnertime. i'll be back with the day planner forecast and another look at the snow showers cruising toward the i-95 next.
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>> reporter: let's check the roads because we're starting to see snow-covered roads. we're seeing the flurries in chester county. they will fly around the camera. 30 bypass at # -- 322. right now traffic is heavy eastbound, past 340 to 113. we have an accident at bethlehem pike and bergy road. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan we're looking at snow showers that are building into the northern section of chester county and halfway down montgomery county and bucks county more of a broken pattern of snow. i'm getting tweets from lancaster county and western chester county and berks county saying it only takes 15 minutes for the ground to get partially covered. you want to slow down beneath the snow showers. this is expected to come down closer to philadelphia.
6:52 am
future tracker 6 showing you as soon as 8:00 a.m. we could have the snow showers over the i-95 corridor. light accumulations out of this. the rest of the day features dropping temperatures and buildings winds. >> rapper snoop dog is a life long fan of the southern california sports. now it's time for him to start rooting for uvla. yesterday his son committed to playing college football for the bruins. he is the 26 wide receiver in the class of 2015. he is in rapper's p. diddy's son who is defensive back on the same teen. 27-year-old ashly gram's appearance is part of an ad for the plus-size bathing suit
6:53 am
company simm suits for all. she wants everyone to feel good about their curves. tgit three solid hours of grays matt -- anatomy and scandal and how to get away with murder. we'll be right back.
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>> top stories a minivan erupted in flames in the city's frankford neighborhood. the fire started a the penn street near east cheltenham avenue. investigators found a gasoline tank nearby and calling it suspicious. pictures shows the fierce flames that forced a family out of their home in chester county. the fire started at 12:30 on ingle street. >> reporter: snow showers getting closer to the city. flurries flying on 422 approaching oaks. eastbound traffic jammed from 29 to 23. police tell me it's slick there with one accident on east point drive. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live showing you thin band of snow putting down a quick coverage making things slick chester county, montgomery and bucks picking this up.
6:57 am
it will move into philadelphia by 8:00 a.m. temperatures in the 20s later today. strong winds. >> if that snow comes, stick around with us for cut-ins we'll see you in 30. #
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7:00 am
good morning, america. happening now, deep freeze. temperatures plunging from the midwest to the east coast. tumbling more than 30 degrees an hour. bitter windchills dipping below zero and more than a half foot of snow targeting the northeast again. hack attack. a massive data breach at one of the nation's biggest health insurers. private information from 80 million stolen. the fbi investigating now. mystery on the tracks. new details this morning on that deadly accident and the mother of three who was behind the wheel of that suv. also the extraordinary new tales of heroism. how passengers were saved from the burning car. ♪ ice ice baby ♪ why is a polar bear roaming city streets. the polar prank


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